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Date: April 27th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

April 27th 1941
St. Thomas

Dear Folks.

I suppose you wondered why I haven't written but I was waiting for a letter but it never came so I am going to write anyway.

Well I sure had a nice little holiday at the beginning of this week for I went up to Harriston.

I left here at 6:25 Monday morning and got into Harriston at 12:00 it took a long time for the train had to stop at every little town I didn't know Uncle or Auntie or Dorothy but had a good idea who they were when I saw them by the way they acted in there own hotel. The hotel sure looks great with the new tundra and all. Dorothy was writing here Easter examinations. That night we went to Listville to a show, a town near by.

The next day Uncle and I left Harriston about 10 in the morning for Grandads we got there just before dinner. I couldn't remember any of them except Uncle John and Grandad. I could see dads features or looks on Grandads face as plain as day. We had dinner there then Uncle John, Grandad and Uncle Lorne and I went fishing over at Goodrich but the fish weren't biting or something for we didn't get any, but we saw two big ships one was unloading coal, it sure was interesting, later we went to two big air ports near Goodrich one was RAF the other RCAF we then went back to Grandads. I saw there new 1940 Stud baker, Aunt Dorothy wants me to go over and drive her to town.

I put $30.00 in the Post Office Savings account here the other day which relieved me of some worry.

My watch is keeping fairly good time so far I bought a new strap for it, but the other night I took bath and I took my ring off and forgot it and left it by the tub well when I went back it was gone. It is the Air Force ring I bought back in Brandon.

We had our first test the other day and we are now finished with Basics we can sing "I'll never file again" ha ha.

How is everybody out there, I suppose Dad is on the land by now how does he like the new tractor.

I have a 48hr. pass coming up this week end and I am planning on getting my picture taken this week but I have to get a Silver gray dress shirt first.

I went to London last night Cecil and I and we saw Valery and Leona, they sure have grown and quite good looking girls too. They work at the London Hotel but the union there have gone on strike for higher wages. We went up with a fellow who owned a car here but when it came time to go back for we had to be in by 2:30 they weren't around so we had to hire a taxi to take us back which cost us $4.00. The driver sure had to hit the high spots to get us back on time too but we made it.

Well I guess this is all the news for now so please write soon.

With Love Your Son Bill