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Date: April 5th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

April 5th 1944

RCAF Oversea

Dear June

Well June how are you I hope you are doing fine and still writing. I was ever glad to get your letter.

How was the skating this past winter did you go down very many times. I suppose skating has stopped by now. How are you getting along at school from what I hear you are improving. Good for you just keep it up and you will show those town kids what a girl from the good old farm can do.

Jeans address is
Miss Jean Lustig
Melfort Sask.
Box 122

She would like an awful lot if you would write to her and it would please me too. She asked me in almost every letter how you are and all the rest of the family. So June please drop her a line and I am sure she will answer you right away.

I don't mind England to bad now but it sure is wet here right at present. The sun shone for a couple of days one after the other and brought out my freckles again.

I have been flying a little lately. I was night flying last night and the moon was shinning and it sure was nice up there.

How is the little pup I suppose Gerald has a lot of fun with it. What do you call it, not rover again I'll bet.

I have been getting mail at least once a week here now last night I got one from Lorne Earl and Mother and one from Jean. I will try to answer them to-night. I was flying until seven so by the time you have supper and wash up why the night is well on its way.

Boy I sure should have my bicycle over here. I believe I have done more walking since I came over her then I did all the time I was in the Air force in Canada. I believe I will get one when I get enough money saved up.

You will have to excuse the spelling June for I never was very good at it.

I don't think all my mail is reaching home for I right on the average of two a week. I hope they all get there in time though.

Well I guess I will ring off for now.

With Love

Your Brother