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Date: April 7th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

April 7th 1944
RCAF Over seas

Dear Folks.

Well here it is Good Friday once again and here I am once again. Well I have had a very easy day to-day. I didn't get up until twelve being that I was flying last night, and there was nothing doing this aft on account of the weather. So I am back to the mess about three and played pool for an hour and a half.

I got your parcel yesterday and was sure glad to get it, It was the one you sent on March 3 it just took it about a month to get here that isn't to bad compared to some of them. A lot of the Canadians boys here got them just about the same time. Every thing that you sent was just what I wanted especially the eats and smokes.

I answered Junes letter the other night as I wrote Earl one so you might get all these at the same time for the mail that is Canadian mail only goes out of here twice a week.

I hear they have lifted the rations on a few things back there I suppose that will help a lot. And I suppose the service men will be glad that beer isn't rationed any more. Well they can ration it over here as far as I am concerned for I can't stand the stuff they have over here its not near as good as what they have in Canada.

I haven't received any mail for the past few days but I hope I get some soon I got the letter that you wrote the same time as Lorne wrote just the other day. It didn't take any longer than two and a half weeks I don't think.

I suppose its all busy around there now, now that the spring work is on its way.

Our pilot comes from BC and he just got married to an English girl over here about three weeks ago so maybe there is a chance of me settling down here after the work (not on your life I don't think I could live over here) By the way Jean was asking how you all were.

We get some chocolate and some raisins as rations when we fly at night. That is the main reason I like to fly at night I guess.

One of the Canadian boys has a sister over here in the CWAC and she is up here for a stay they come from around Swift Current. So Sask. is represented fairly well in fact almost every where I go Sask. is very well represented. If not the prairies.

Well I guess I will have to close again for now. And many many thanks for the parcel you can't imagine how I appreciate it over here.

Say hello to all
With Oceans of Love