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Date: April 8th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

April 8th 1944

RCAF Overseas

Dear Lorne Lillian and Leila

Well here I am at long last I suppose you will be saying but better late than never they say.

I was ever so glad to hear from you I got your letter about five days ago so I thought that I would right this morning for there isn't much doing in fact there is no flying at all.

Weather has been quite bad here lately and we can't get much flying in. I fly to-nite if weather permits. When we fly at night we get extra rations of chocolate and raisins so it is worth flying. Even if it is just for the chocolate.

I got a parcel from mother the day before yesterday and was quite happy to get it in fact last night at about mid night I had some noodle soup which really hit the spot. No kidding.

I suppose you will be staring on the land pretty soon how is the moisture situation for spring not fairly good from what I here. You haven't had much snow this past winter have you.

I got a letter from Earl Wiltsey about a week ago he is up north of me and seems quite pleased with what he is doing. I passed right by his door on my 7 days leave and didn't know it.

Glad to hear that Leila is feeling much better. I suppose the little ford will be able to fly low eh that you got a new engine in it.

Thanks a lot for the cigarettes that you sent I haven't received them yet but it only took mothers parcel a month to come so it should be coming pretty soon.

Jean is feeling fine and she says to say hello to you all she asked me in all most every letter that she writes how you folks down there at home are.

Her name is

Miss Jean Lustig
Melfort Sask.

How is Dads arm now I hope that it isn't bothering him for it would bother him inn the spring work.

I still get tangled up in the language they speak around here I have to listen to every word or I don't get it.

I hope to get some leave pretty soon and I think I will be going to Birmingham for the start of it anyway.

So Don got his third at last eh good for him is he still trying to remuster.

Well I guess I will close for now hoping to hear from you soon

Your brother