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Date: August 24th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Aug 24th 1941
Dafoe Sask.

Dear Folks

Well here I am back in Sask again and boy does it look barren compared to the east.

We left St Thomas Wed night about six oclock, and we got here at midnight Friday. The coach we had to come up on was mad back in the 1800rds so it wasn't much of a ride the dirt was something awful in the ear. When you woke up in the morning the bed would be covered with cinders.

Boy when they said Dafoe would be isolated they really said a mouth full for it is away out in no mans land. We are 12 miles from the closest town which is Dafoe and it is only a store and a house or two. This airport is about a mile away from big Quill lake.

The school itself doesn't seem to bad if it was closer to a town it would be better though.

Well I haven't done anything here yet but attend a church parade and eat meals but I guess I will soon.

I get a 48 hr pass every 10 days there is no Sunday here so we have 10 day weeks I have a 48 hr pass the 30th of this month. I get off duty on the afternoon of the 29th so it will give me a little longer time. I have to be in the barracks again though at 2 oclock on the 1st that is 2 oclock in the morning.

There were 6 of us that came from St Thomas came up to-gether a call came into St Thomas 8 hr after we were given our postings for men to be sent straight overseas from the school. I was in the 57th entry so they had to ask the next entry 58,59, and 60th entry for men to go overseas. Cecil and Ronnie will get a chance to go overseas I think.

I got up to see Grandad and Uncle Lorne for a day before I left they all seemed fine but Aunt Greta said that she thought Grandad was failing but I couldn't notice it.

Well how are things at home have they had much more to do in line of harvesting. I might be able to get harvest leave if Dad wanted me down there an airman can get harvest leave without pay sometimes so if Dad wanted me I would apply for it.

My 7 days leave can only come when the station can spare the fellow. I can get 7 days I think in between the 13 and 29 of Oct. but I think I should wait and take my 14 days all at once because its hard to say were I will be 6 months from now. I could get 14 days in the spring sometime or 7 days in Oct which should I do?

My address here is
AC2 Dennison G.J. R 85530
No. 5 Bombing and Gunnery
Dafoe Sask.
Block 12 South

Well I guess this is all for now I am going to try on hitch hike to Moose Jaw on the 29th so I'll be seeing you.

With Oceans of Love