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Date: August 11th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Aug 11th 1941
St. Thomas Ont.

Dear Folks.

Well here it is the beginning of another week, I have finished my school and just waiting for my exam which comes to-morrow. To-day we got our finger prints taken and now we are just trying to put in time.

I didn't get a 24 hr week end this last week so I didn't get up to see Grandads but maybe next Sunday. Our 24 hr passes were cancelled because the school held a picnic up in St Thomas and they marched us there. The sports day was a big thing but I wasn't in any of it. When we first heard of this picnic it was coming on our last 24 hr pass so I didn't try to get into any of it. Then a week ago we found out that our 24 hr. passes were cancelled but it was too late then to take part. Ronnie won two cups one for being in a tug a war the other for winning a sack race. Sid P. won a cup too for a race. I was cussing myself for not being in it for I just hated sitting on the bench and watching the sports and me not in them being that w didn't have any leave that week end.

Well I suppose harvest is in full swing out there now. I got a letter from Joyce B. to-day and she says that it has been raining there almost every day. That sure is a great country isn't it everything comes at the wrong time.

I had a cob or two of corn last night one of the fellows went out and got some cobs and brought them into the barracks. There we cooked them on two irons pluged into the electricity and a little butter swiped from the kitchen and boy did it go good.

Well its raining here to-day and its cold and damp.

I got a letter from Aunt Greta last week and she says that Grandad isn't doing so well seems to be bothered internally by his bowels but Grandma is just fine.

I went up to London with Cecil to see Valery and Leona the other night and Valery said she would go out with me to, is visit Auntie Irene if I wanted her to.
Valery sure is a nice kid. Leona is kind of spoiled.

I got some pictures of myself around some of these planes and also one of the whole flight 57.

I haven't gotten any from Assiniboia for some time now I don't know where they are but I will try and find them.

My letter are getting shorter but I just can't seem to find any thing to write about so I guess I will close.

With Oceans of Love

Your son

PS Put these snaps in My album will you