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Date: August 14th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Aug 14th 1944

RCAF Overseas

Dear June.

Well June how are we doing just fine I hope I got your most welcome letter the other day so I thought that to-night I would write to you.

So the old bike is still on the go eh well it really surprises me I thought that I had finished the year that I had it you paint it just what ever color you want to but it was red before so if it was a different color this time it would look a little different

I am doing OK over here but could be better I guess. I am on ops now and things are little different but not to bad. The camp isn't close to civilization as I would like it but you can't have everything can you.

I had seven days leave a week or so ago and had quite a time, we go on leave again at the start of next month about the seventh I believe.

So you did pretty good in your year of school eh well good for you. I suppose you will be going back into Assiniboia for your next year of school.

Yes I don't think you will be in any mischief if you stay at the school home, I suppose you Margaret and Shirley have ha a lot of fun during the holidays eh.

I didn't know that Ronnie got the chop until Earl wrote and told me in fact I don't know any of the news over here you always know back home before I do I heard from [?] that Teddy McDonald was in Northern Ireland. I was going to go down to the beach the other day to go swimming but I missed the bus so I couldn't get down. Some of the boys went and they said that it was swell so I hope to get another chance to go down.

I hear that Neil will have Margaret for a teacher now. That ought to be something. We are doing a little fighter affill. In the morning that ought to prove interesting for you get a friendly aircraft chasing you and you are suppose to keep away from him so we do all kinds of stunts and maneuvers. Well SIS I guess I will sign off for now hope this finds everyone well. Write again soon.

With Love Your Brother