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Date: August 19th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Aug 19th 1944

RCAF Overseas

Dear Folks.

Well here I am again at last although this is either the third or second time I have written this week. Well things are going along here pretty smoothly so far I now have six in out of 50 so I might get there some day.

I am waiting for roll call right now it is not quite nine o'clock in the morning so I thought that I would write to you. I will likely have a job to do this morning such as inspect my turret on the aircraft. I suppose harvest is going strong is it running very good or what is the score on the harvest this year.

I have a chance to by another bike to day so if I can find one suitable in price it will save me a lot of walking.

Could you send me over a silver grey or blue shirt and a pair of pyjamas. I only have one pair of pyjamas left and they are wore out and my shirts of my own that I had which was three silver grey well they went to the laundry and never came back so I am just out of shirts. Take it out = of my $20 a month will you.

Well the news has been fairly good lately hasn't it lets just hope that they keep it up. Well I will have to go for now but will finish this later.

How is Jerry getting along I suppose he is right in there pitching during harvest. And I suppose June will be on the way back to school pretty soon. What grade will she be taking this year is it nine or ten. Has Blanch taken the Readlyn School Muriel said something about it to me in her letter Margaret Olson is suppose to be taking Davyroid isn't she.

Well there isn't much news around here is I guess I will have to close for now hope this finds you all well.

With Oceans of Love