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Date: August 20th 1944
Lorne and Lillian
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Aug 20th 1944

RCAF Overseas

Dear Lorne and Lillian

Hi you all how are you doing busy at harvest I suppose, how is it turning out this tear anyway. Have you and Earl got Tonies place again this year. From what I have heard the crops haven't turned out to what they looked like they were going to in June.

I got your parcel to-day that Mother sent for you and many many thanks for it. Boy you just can't realize how much I look forward to getting them. I haven't done to bad lately with parcels I am eating out of one of them now while I write this letter.

Well I am on a squadron now and don't mind it at all, I have six trips in now but have a long ways to go before I get to the top for it is 50. There are 50 ops in a tour and I have to get a tour. The station is miles from no where and you have quite a job getting out to a city of any size. You might think that it would be a good place to save some money for leave but you know me when there is gambling around.

The weather here has been swell during these past few weeks but I am afraid we have had it for, to-day it is storming, cold & wet. We were suppose to fly to-nite but the weather stopped us.

I had a weeks leave about three weeks ago and had a very good time for a change The news sure sounds good these past few days doesn't it.

Well I am due for a promotion pretty soon in fact in six days I have been a sergeant for six months so in six days I should be a flight sergeant.

Oh happy day ha ha. Well I guess I will sign off for now thanks again for the parcel.

Your Brother