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Date: August 22nd 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Aug 22nd 1943
3813 Pender St E
Vancouver BC

Dear folks.

Received your letter a day ago so I thought I had better answer it to nite. Boy is it ever swell out here I was over to Bowen Island on a picnic last weekend that is a week ago and boy is it ever swell over there. You see a lot of yachts some small some big and streamlined. Bowen Island is an island just off the coast here we had to go on a ship to get to it. Then on that same weekend I had invitations to two weddings one in the Georgia Hotel and the other in the Peter Pan Ballroom two swasy joints and on the same weekend I went to see Dorothy P. but she wasn't home but I had supper at Mrs.Canhams Jim Canahan has joined up in the air Force.

Nothing happened over this just passed week end except that I went to see Robinsons that use to live near Readlyn quite some time ago. They knew you and Dad and I guess I was about 6 months.

I don't know just what Peas are going to be worth out here but they can't be more than $5 or 6$ anyway so it would pay to send some if they are $10.00. They aren't in season here yet but I think they will be in this week.

I guess one more week will finish me off here so I will be heading back east for points unknown.

I got a letter from Klinks the other day and there was a$1.41 in it the bird and cage didn't cost quite the $15.00 I am glad that you are getting another one.

Thanks a million for the film I will try and get some pictures next weekend.

The folks of the house here to-nite were at the races so yours truly was head cook and bottle washer. I just finished the dishes about 15 minutes ago.

The weather was cold + wet over the past weekend but today is fine.

Well guess I will sign off for now hoping that Dad and Leila and everybody are fine and improving

With Oceans of Love