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Date: August 23rd 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Aug 23rd 1944

RCAF Over the Pond

Dear Folks.

Hi Folks here I am again believe it or not I got your letter of the 6th yesterday so I thought that I would sit right down this morning and answer it.

We haven't been doing much flying lately for we are covered in with mist off the sea in fact we haven't flown in quite a few days. Its cold wet and most days are windy. I got the parcel that you sent for Lorne a few days back and the things that were in it were the. The blue forms were the things that I really needed I have used almost ten of them already. Aunt Thurza sent about ten over to me in an ordinary envelope that got here OK.

So Archie has gone and done it eh well good for him, I didn't think that he would do it, Earl Wiltsie got his commission about the same time as Archie got married, that's pretty good eh one cousin gets married the other gets his commission and what do I do nothing. Although in three days I should be a flight sergeant isn't that something (ha ha).
I was glad to hear that you got some rain but did it come in time to help the crops.

The living room must look really tops now eh I would like to see it. I heard about Joyce B. marriage its liable to be quite a blow to Johnny but then if she wouldn't wait I guess shes not for him anyway.

I wrote Lorne & Lillian yesterday I didn't say anything about Leila for I didn't know what to say so I didn't say anything.

The news really sounds pretty good lately maybe it won't be long now eh.

This camp that I am on sure is a hard one to get off of I have been on here for four weeks with out going off it's along way to a city and its just not worth while I think.

Well I guess I will have to sign off for now say hello to all. This letter might sound a little jumbled up for a couple of the crew have been arguing politics so I might have some of it in the letter.

With Oceans of Love