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Date: December 11th 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Dec. 11th 1943
No 1 Y Depot
Lachine Quebec

Dear folks

Well here I am in Montreal and in Montreal I guess I will stay for awhile. When we pulled into Montreal yesterday the Air Force pulled us off the train and told us that we were going to Lachine instead of Halifax. It seems that the Depot at Halifax is full and they had no place to put us. So the sent us to Lachine it is about five miles out of Montreal. That is where we spent the night. There are quite a few of us and they have nothing for us to do so we have roll call at nine in the morning then we are free for the rest of the day. So I came into Montreal to-day. Now take this with a grain of salt but we might get more leave being that they haven't room for us at Y depot. The officer said we might get 14 days with our transportation paid and an advancement of pay. But it all depends on Ottawa from which we are now waiting for an answer.

The Morrison boy went as far as Moose Jaw then took the first section east and I took the second so we were separated for the rest of the trip. Although I met Bob Templeton at Winnipeg so I rode with all the way to Montreal. Then we spent the day in here and he went on to Halifax that night.

Mr. Abbot is in here some where isn't he will you give me his address so I can look him up. I will also have to look up Herb for he is in here some where.

Well it snowed here last night and boy oh boy is it cold here to-day if it was out west you would say it was at least 30 below but here it is only 1 below zero but it sure is cold and I do mean cold.

How is every thing at home I hope all is fine.

My luggage all went to Halifax so I have to wait until it returns I have my suit case though and there is enough in it to keep me going for awhile.

Mother what did you think of the girlfriend. She thinks you are swell and that she enjoyed her stay emensely.

Do you think she would make a good wife (I really think so). I guess if I didn't I would have given her a ring would I of?

I guess I kind of broke down at the train but I guess that's natural I tried to make up my mind to make it a dry parting but I guess it got me in one of my many week moments or something.

If I get leave I might be home for xmas which would be swell but we can't plan on anything yet. Word should be through from Ottawa pretty soon though.

Well I guess I will sign off for now so I will write again soon and let you know

With Oceans of Love

PS My address is at the beginning of the letter.