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Date: August 27th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

August 27th 1944

Willows, Sask.

My Dear Billie,

Received your letter of Aug. 13 also June's letter and so very pleased to hear from you. Keep writing Billie. We are all so eager to get your letters. I hope more parcels have caught up with you by now. I had a short note from Mrs. Duggins, Mrs. McKay's aunt. She was so pleased to have you call and she is looking forward to your visit in September. She was looking for you the day she wrote on the 2nd. I want to send her a parcel of things she cannot get in England but I'm afraid it won't be there in time for your visit. The girls are planning some sort of entertainment for you. Mrs. McKay's brother Don arrived back in Canada one day this week. John Morin bought a partly furnished house in Moose Jaw and Scotty and Mrs. McKay are living there for the time being. The elevator company bought Scotty's house in Willows and Claire Bishop is the new grain buyer and lives in it. Claire got his discharge from the army. Don't think for a minute Ronnie got a Commission for he did not. Dr. Henn had it in the paper as flying officer but I don't know where he got his information. Bobby Corman asked me, did I know who did it, but I surely did not. He was just Sergeant Corman. All of Cormans were here last night. Everyone started for Assiniboia as usual but there had been such a rain delivery here and there, a lot turned back. Bruce & Merv & Sis. stopped in at Winnies. It has been rainy the last two days and stopped combining. Both Dad & Lorne were combining on Ernies. Ernie had 139 bushels from 40 acres and the truck full and the hoppers of both combines full off 30 acres. I think some of it had been cropped 5 times. None of the crop is running very heavy, Earl is not very busy hauling from two combines. Both combines work in the same field so the one truck can haul from both. June has been on the tractor for parts of two days. She and Dad run the big combine, Lorne the other. Ernie and Corp. Campbell from Mossbank cut oats. Campbell came down on a 48 hour leave and Don came to town last night to work to-day & to-morrow but there is no combining but he is coming on Wed. for a week. We have 270 acres in the swath but they are going north as soon as it dries up. Cecil and family have been home for a holiday but I haven't seen him. Jerry sure is growing and he is quite a problem. He wants to be on the tractor or in the truck and especially in the grease. He talks all the time and Earl says he nearly drives him crazy asking questions. He still thinks the house in town is home but he wants to stay on the farm. He may hold his breath when he gets mad but not as bad as he used to and he never goes unconscious. We don't bother with him if he holds his breath and it helps a lot. Well I am running out of news and Dad wants an early supper so he can go up to see the King quarter. Dad, Jerry & I are the only ones at home. June is spending the day with Margaret. I don't like the farm on Sundays and I get pretty lonesome for Assiniboia. Everyone was nice to me while I was in there and they still are when I go in. Wishing you Mountains of luck and oceans of love. Do write often.

Your loving Mother