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Date: August 28th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Aug 28th 1944

Dear Folks.

Well here I am again how is every thing going just fine I hope. I suppose you are in the midst of harvesting the crop.

Things are much the same here the same thing day in and day out I have eight trips in now so I am almost a fifth through that's a laugh isn't it eight out of fifty.

I got a small parcel from Aunt Gretta the day before yesterday it was a cartoon of gum Dentine they sent it to me before they left the hotel. I have just about finished the peanut butter it was really good, I would have a bite to eat before I went to bed. Last night there was a dance in the mess but I didn't go to it so there was a couple of the crew and my self in the hut so we ate the can of corn. We all went together and bought a hot plate so we can have our food hot now. We will have quite a home if we keep on.

I got the maps and they were really good I thought. Jerry must be getting to be quite a little man at least he looked it in his straw hat I wonder if he will remember me when I see him again.

Well the news has been pretty good of late hasn't it it looks quite promising but then one never knows.

Well the weather is quite wet out right now it is raining quite had. I saw a combine working close here to camp yesterday and it was a Massey Harris self propelled apparatus they kept bagging the grain as it came out of the spout. Hey really do queer things over here.

Well I guess I will have to sign off for now this isn't much of a letter but it will have to
do until next time.

With Oceans of Love