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Date: August 31st 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Aug 31st 1944

Dear Folks.

Well here it is the end of August so that means that on to-morrow I will have been over here six months, time sure flys in a way and it is only another four months till xmas believe it or not.

I got your lovely parcel the day before yesterday and was ever so pleased with what it contained if that's just the odds and ends O boy. I was glad to see the blue forms also.

Well I now have nine trips in and I hope to get over the ten mark before I go on leave which is about a week from today. I should be able to do it unless the weather clamps down.

I will have to take some pictures now that I have a film, our bomb aimer has a camera that I can use. We took some pictures before but it takes so long to get them developed.

I don't know where I am going to on this leave the Duggins want me to come back to Birmingham but I have been to Birmingham so many times. I would like to go some where else for a change.

Well my flight sergeant hasn't come through yet although it so over due but it takes a while for them to send it through from RCAF headquarters. I hope that it comes through soon for I want to by a bike with the extra pay that I will get. It's a pound more every two weeks.

Well how is the crop coming off are you going to get the granaries full or not.

I was reading the Asssiniboia Times last nite and it seemed this war is taking quite a few of the lads around there.

Well I guess I have completed the news again for a while so I will have to sign off again.

With Oceans of Love