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Date: August 6th 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Aug 6th 1943
Vancouver BC


Well school is getting quite serious now for they really throw a lot at you in a little while. Although there are only 3 weeks left.

Well I guess I take after Uncle Archie for last Saturday I went down to the races with the folks that I board here with and boy it's a lot of fun while your money last. I lost on 4 races and won on 2 races but in the end I was down 2.50 so it wasn't to bad only I would like to have that 2.50 now. But Pay day is Friday so I guess I will be OK until then.

I would rather be a air gunner than a bombadier for his course is a lot longer than A G and he is still just a Joe boy when is finished. Air Gunner have their responsibilities too you want to remember for a bomber isn't much good if it just has a pilot and no protection. The teacher here tells us it is like a ball team they can't play without each other and the better they cooperate the better the team will win.

About half of us got to I.T.S. which included Morrison but when they go to I.T.S. that means they might be picked for either Pilot Navigator or Bombadier. Some of them might never even get a glimse of being a pilot.

To be a pilot it takes about a year but for A.G. it takes 5 months. The cake was in good condition when I got it and I had over half of it so I didn't do to bad.

I am glad the canary was all right. I sent $15.00 to Audry that is what they had figures it out to amount up to but I haven't heard from them since. The bird was suppose to be a very very young one so maybe they have changed it around some or something.

Rasberrys out here this year are .25 cents a basket, last year they were 5 cents a basket, they can't pickers is the trouble.

They have two canaries here in the house and boy do they sing.

Boy if Archie gets married I guess I will have to also eh?

Well I guess this is all for now. Will you try and get me a few 620 films say about 5 or so they can't get them out here.

I guess I will sign off for now hoping to hear from you soon.

With Love