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Date: August 8th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Aug 8th 1944

RCAF overseas

Dear folks.

Well here I am again and boy is it hot but to-day I would just like to be by a beach so I could go swimming in the nice cool water. There is a lot of small nats or small flys flying around and boy are they aggravating they land on you but won't fly away.

Well I think this station won't be to bad after I get settled I got Earls parcel that he sent me and what I would like to know is how he got the cartoon of bars. They really are good anyway. There are 4 Canadians in the crew now and we got 12 parcels between the 4 of us the day we got back off leave I got a cartoon of cigarettes from the Red Cross of Willows I suppose I had better write them a letter thanking them I also got part of a cartoon from Uncle John I say part because it was only half there for it got into a fire or something. I was right out of cigarettes too so they cane just about the right time.

How is everything going at home just fine I hope I suppose they will be busy with the harvest by now.

Will I am operational now big shot eh oh boy. Its about time though don't you think I have been over here long enough. I will be a flight sergent by the end of this month at least I am due to be one by then.

I haven't had any mail from home now for quite a while I guess you wouldn't have received my mail from me either previous to these last two letters for I was on leave and didn't get to writing.

Well I haven't much news so I will sign off for now but will be writing again soon.

With Oceans of Love.

Your Son