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Date: August 9th 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Aug 9th 1943
Vancouver B.C.
3813 Pinder St.

Dear Folks.

Received your letter yesterday and was glad to hear from you and thanks for sending the 10 dollars for to-day I went down and got my watch out of the repair shop. It has been broke for over two months. Just to show you where a fellows pay check can go even without gambling was like today to start off with I bought a weekly pass on the St Car 1.25 then to-nite I got my uniform out of the cleaners .50 then I got my watch out 6.00 so there goes $7.75 to-day alone I asked Mrs. Young about the canary and she says that it is possible for a mouse to get inside the cage that the mouse might be leaving dirt in the cage for the bird. Also that sugar and crust are just as well not to be given to him. And to keep him out of drafts.

I was over to Canhams yesterday and they said that the bird might be molting and that it won't sing while it molts. A few feather will be found in the cage. Also to keep the cage well cleaned. Canhams have about eight of them. Jim has joined the Air Force for a Pilot. Dorothy Padfield was down at the beach so I didn't get a chance to see her.

Saturday I was out to see Amy or Mrs. Bartlets and had supper there and saw the family.

To night after school I stopped in and saw Helen Riley she runs a bakery just about a mile from here. She couldn't remember me but she remembers you and Dad.

I am invited to a big Church wedding next Monday A wedding with bridesmaids and flower girls and all it is suppose to be a white wedding with a reception afterwards in some swanky hotel. I just took my uniform out to be pressed for the occasion.

Boy my hair is going wavey out here or at least a little more than it was anyway.

I suppose harvest is well on its way by now eh. How is the crop going to turn out.

The folks from the house here were down to the races again to-day but they always seem to lose every time. I got my own supper here to night and I didn't starve either as might be expected of me. Boy I would starve though if I lived at Canhams I believe I was there for supper last night and I could have eat all that was on the table myself. They are well to do as far as that goes but just light eaters. I got a great feed at Amys though she ask me if I liked apple pie and I said yes so be damed if she didn't go out to the back yard and pick enough apples for a pie. I'd like to see that done on the prairies (ha ha) You might have a hard job reading this for it is not in my best hand.

Well I guess I will close for now say hello to all for me will you. How is Jerry now
With All My Love

PS I will try and find some bird treat for Dickie