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Date: February 16th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Feb. 16th 1941
Brandon Man.

Dear Folks:

I received your letter and valentine on the 14th it sure doesn't take the letters long to go back and forth (which is OK too).

Well I received my first pay check here Friday a grand total of $15.00 it was more than that but you don't get it until the month end pay day along with your next 2 weeks pay. I bought myself and iron yesterday it cost me $2.25 and I pressed my suit today. I scorched the lapel of my tunic but not very bad. I rent the iron out for 10 cents.

Well I guess I just can't become a pilot. I sent the enclosed letter to the Officer Commanding and his answer is what is up in the corner of the letter. I can remuster to a gunner or general duties and such but not to a pilot or observer.

I guess I won't have a chance to earn that $5.00 that Dad offered me and to fulfill Scotty's write up about me.

Some say though that there might be a chance to remuster after I get out of Brandon and to a training school.

There was a big Valentine Dance here Friday night, girls in evening gowns and such but I didn't go. It was here in the arena 75 cents a couple or 50 cents a single. It sure went over big though.

Tell dad not to give up the ship in the bonspeil. I got a letter from Bob Templeton and he said Dad was up curling in the bonspeil too.

Good for Herb I hope I get those stripes too (someday).

We don't get much training here being that the Toronto Depot is closed there are too many men he to do any thing with as yet. I suppose they will get things better this week. Men are sleeping all over the men keep coming in all the time by the 100rds. They can't supply them uniforms yet. Some have been here over a week and still haven't got their uniforms. Any drill we do is done on the arena floor.

Cecil and I went out to take some pictures to-day but the day turned cloudy so I don't know how they will turn out.

We are aloud to apply for weekend passes after we are here 3 weeks.

I don't know how he did it but there is a person in here with a wooden leg he had quite a job on the route marches but seems to get along OK.
I got 4 letters here in one day (not bad he) so I guess I will have to write 4 to day. Ronnie and Bob wrote me and so did Bruce, I wrote them one first though.

We had another picture show here Friday night. It was put on by the YMCA. The YMCA sure helps here a lot.

Well I guess I will write June a letter and put it in with this one.

I have a cough but the Doctor says you get it from the inoculations you get so I guess I will get over it.

Hope this finds you all well

Love Bill