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Date: February 11th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Feb.11th 1941
Brandon Man.

Dear Folks

Well here I am up in another barracks in Brandon. I still have the same address.
You see when we first came here we sleep in a recruiting center but eat at No. 2 Maning depot. Now we have moved out of the recruiting center into No. 2 Maning depot. We now have nothing to do with the recruiting centre we just stayed there until we got most of our uniforms and a little drill.

Cecil got his second inoculation today, I get mine tomorrow I guess we get three altogether

Well payday is on the Friday and we have to get up at 5 AM that morning, can you imagine it getting at 5 in the wintertime.

The fellows sure are coming in here though 71 came up from recruiting centre to join us, yesterday three quarters of us went on a route march out to the asainazllum and back it sure was some march on these icy roads it was about 5 miles I guess.

There was a dance in the Arena Friday night. The arena is where we drill just below the barracks.

I took some pictures Sunday of some of the boys and myself I can only send 1 or 2 of the pictures for the boys want to send their pictures home but I hope to get some more this weekend.

Look at the coat I have to ware an awful looking thing isn't it. I had one taken with it off but it didn't turn out, two pictures were taken on the same one.

They want us to put $4.00 each month away for war stamps, do you think I should or should I put it in the bank.

There are fellows here from all over even from the Yukon and Nova Scotia and they're still coming in.

There was a model aircraft contest in the arena last night. There were some very good models of gliders and planes with engines.

How is dad getting along with his curling, I sure wish him luck.

Have you got to Gates yet? I wrote a letter a few days back but can't remember whether I mailed it or not I think I did though.

I am just getting use to these darn heavy boots they seem to weight about a ton.

I just received your letter, our mail comes in about 4:30 it is delivered up here at the barracks. The $2:00 was good to see but I could have waited until payday but I would have been good and low so thanks a lot.

Tell June a happy birthday from me will you and tell her I am sorry I forgot to mention it in my last letter.

A C means aircraft. I am Air Craft No. 2 the next is AC No. 1 then LAC Leading Air Craft then Corporal then Sergeant then Flight Sergeant then come the commissioned officers, the fellows we have to salute.

Yes I get enough to eat all right but I would sooner have less meat and more vegetables they give plenty of meat.

A plane flying over here is a novelty to Brandon even if they have a manning depot.

I sold my suit for a $1:00 and my hat for $.25 not much for a suit eh but it was 2 years old anyway.

We move bunks here about every day, men coming in and men going out cause it, Cecil and I are only about 4 bunks apart but he is about 4 days ahead of me. Cecil is laid up with his arm to-nite he got his second inoculation today.

Good old McMurchy say hello to him for me will you if you see him. I never went to see him while in Moose Jaw.

My spelling in these letters is just natural I think. Yes your letters are addressed alright but I often wonder if mine are for this is my 7th letter to the west and only got three back and they have all been from you.

I sleep in B barracks and tonight I went down to A barracks and while I was there the doors were blocked for everybody from going in or going out. A watch was stolen. They lined us up and searched up about 400 of us but didn't find it on any of us they latter found it on a bunk.

Cecil hasn't received a letter from home since before he left Moose Jaw That Daveyroyd mail is sure slow.

I have just been polishing my brass and shoes for morning when I do it at night I do not have to hurry so much in the morning.

Well I guess this is about all I can think of for now I guess I will see the corporal about getting a transfere soon and hope I get one.

Say hello to them all with