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Date: February 14th 1942
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Feb 14th 1942
Dafoe Sask.

Dear Folks

Well here I am again in answer to your letter I got day before yesterday.

It is quite cold here to-day but boy has it been a wonderful winter for the roads and all.

Did you get your broach and June her locket I sent it register to help it along.

I sent those glass locket east because I never sent uncle or Grandad anything and I thought it was the best way to redeem myself after all they did for me while I was down there.

This remuster Business, I have kind of set it aside as a lost hope for there are so many that want to remuster.

It is pretty hard for me to get home but I might try it one of these 48 so don't be surprised if I phone you from Assiniboia one of these days. My next 48 is on the 19-20-21 then the next after that falls on 3-4-5 then 14-15-16.

We had an awful night of night flying last night nothing would go right the radios wouldn't work the battreys went dead so it was a bad night maybe this Friday the 13th business had something to do with it. Well I guess I will close for now hoping to see you soon

With Love

PS Thanks a lot for the Valentine