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Date: February 2nd 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Feb 2nd 1944

Dear Folks.

Well here I am at last all safe and sound and I weathered the trip very well even if I do say so myself except for the loss of a few lbs. Boy I really got a surprise when I got here its not what I thought it would be like at all. The country is beautiful the grass is green and even the flowers are out. We have wonderful quarters they call them billets over here. In the room I am in there is just two of us and there are plenty of drawers and cupboards. The grub is swell so far for breakfast the first morning I was here I had bran flakes potatoes syrup bacon and a sausage and of course tea. The building I am in is quite modern and up to date.
I went to a show last night it was [censored] but it was in Canada about ten years ago. I was [censored] a haircut yesterday aft and when he got about half [censored] my haircut he had to stop and have his spot of tea [censored] daughter brought up to him. I sure had to laugh. This [censored] lingo is almost as hard for me to pick up as French was [censored] Quebec that is some of it. But I guess I will get on to it.

How is every thing back home I hope all is well and happy. I wrote you a letter on the boat but I guess this one will get to you first. Did you get my telegram OK

I just run out of ink and I didn't bring any with me so I will have to finish this in pencil I hope you can read it when you get it. Is Ronnie coming over or did he come out with a flat hat I wrote Earl Wilsie to try and get in touch with him for a leave if I get any.

Boy this English Money is getting me down also it just don't make sense such as two shillings one farthing etc. Boy is it black over here in a black out you just can't see anything you could be passing your brother on the street and you would never know it. The song when the lights go on again really has a backing to it

Well I guess this is all for now for I see I running out of paper. Say hello to all.

With Oceans of Love