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Date: February 26th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Feb 26th 1944
RCAF Overseas

Dear Folks.

Here I am again but in a different part of England. I guess I was forgetting myself there for a while. I am a little farther north now. We just came in yesterday and it is quite a change from the last station that I was on over here. Today we just spent getting the gen on the station so now at last I start back to work the first since last November, three months ago. I t sure is going to be hard though. I should be able to save up a little money here for there is nothing to by here except beer and I had my first taste of it last night and I don't like it at all. The English cigarettes aren't very good either so I could do with a thousand or so from Canada. And by the way I haven't got any mail yet but I guess it takes time to find me but I have been away from Sask for a month now. I am on RAF station here and the food isn't to bad they have four meals a day. Breakfast Lunch, Tea and supper but the quire thing about it is the tea is heavier meal than supper is. I haven't found Earl Wiltsie over here yet I wanted to see him on my leave but I didn't know where he is. I wrote him but he never answered. Boy is it ever cold over here and damp you are never warm from the time you get up in the morning until you go to bed. last night I was all night until about five this morning when I couldn't sleep for being cold. But I guess I will get use to it in time, The joke around here is that summer came last year on a Wednesday but this year they think it will be on a Sunday get it? From here I should be able to get up to Birmingham to see Scotty McKays address that he gave me on a 48 We get one while we are here after two weeks. Then when we finish our course here which is approximately 3 months we get 7 days leave.

Well how is the winter hitting back home at least you have fires there that's more than we have here. There are no central heating buildings at all. I can't write very long letter now for I am not receiving any to answer but I just have to keep on writing letter with out receiving any. How is every body at home and how is Leila did she have an operation yet.

Well I can't think of much more to say so I guess I will close for now. Would like some cigarettes though. So Good By to all for now hoping to hear from you soon

With oceans of Love