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Date: February 6th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Feb 6th 1941
Brandon Man.

Dear folks

I sure was glad to get your letter to-day and the money for between my board and room in Regina and what you have to by here it kind of cleaned me out. But payday will be here soon on the 15th.

It has been mild here so far but has started to turn cold. It has been nice weather to start in this darn business.

I sure am glad my stuff got home but I'll need my running shoes here for I need them doing PT in the morning.

I have sent my other clothes home for they say you can't use them here.

You will have to excuse this terrible scribbling but I don't feel so hot for I got 2 innoculations yesterday typhoid and Lock Jaw and vaccinated for small pox and to finish off I am writing this in bed. The typhoid makes you run a fever.

I don't know what Brandon really is like yet for I haven't been out after 6 since I came.

You fellows will never get Gates if it keeps on.

Tell Don to look before he jumps. It is not a bad racket but I have seen better.

I was to the dentist to day he just made a chart of what had to be done but it's not very much I don't think

We get up here at 10 to 6 and breakfast at 6:15 then P.T. and drill up to 11:00 which is dinner then more drill till 4:00 which is supper then from 5 till 10 you are free.

For Breakfast we have Corn Flaks or Porage Puffed Wheat and eggs +bacon and jam. Not bad eh. For dinner potatoes meat vegetables and dessert. For supper we have potatoes meat fruit We line up in a long line pick up the food and go to a table to eat it.

You tell Scotty to take it easy. I saw the paper Mr. McElQunn from Assiniboia in here and he gave me the clipping. We don't see many planes in here.

I think I will be able to take some pictures Sunday or Saturday.

Cecil is still in Brandon but we are quite a ways apart until a day or two. Cecil doesn't mind it.

We live right in Brandon, the two barracks are right in the city.

We get our washing done at a laundry at cut rates.

I signed up for a Mechanic but I think I will remuster or change it to a pilot if they will let me.

We get up on Sunday at the same time parade, go to church and I think you have the aft off. You can go to any church.

Well I guess this is all I can think of, I am not allowed to give any important information, such as how many men are here etc.

Well so long with Love
Your son


I sold my suit and hat to second hand shop.