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Date: February 7th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Feb 7th 1944

Dear Mom Dad and June & Jerry

Well Folks here I am again and none the worse for wear. It has been almost a week now and have seen a little of the city. I am hoping for some more leave if it ever comes through they usually give about seven days when you land here to recuperate from the trip over I guess. I won't kick though if they give it to me for I would like to see Scotland and London.

I hope my letters are getting through that is the ones I have written which I guess you will be thinking aren't many. About all there is to do here is go to a show and I have done that I have seen about five or six shows here in the past week. They were good American shows though. The clubs really treat you swell over here there is the Knights of Columbus and the YMCA and then there are certain ladies that open there houses to all service personal.

To night is a beautiful night out here it is almost as clear as day even though there is complete Black out. The weather has been swell ever since I came here although I guess I had not speak to early.

How is Dad getting along with his curling this winter I wish him luck with it. And June has she gone skating much since the first time I took her I hope she has. Boy I should have my bicycle over here for that is mostly the means of transportation here that and two deck buses I had a ride in one the other day and it is quite odd sitting away up there and of course that's where I had to sit curiosity got me down. They don't work us very hard here that is as yet anyway. The other afternoon I went to a theatre to see a show which I thought was going to be on the screen and here it turned out to be a 3 act play on the stage it is much the same a ours only there diolecks was quite amusing to sit and listen to. I guess that word isn't spelled right is it.

Boy money sure travels fast here a lb goes like a dollar back there once break a pound its gone in here I guess this is the month June has a birthday isn't it well Happy Birthday Dear Sister and many more of them. Well I guess I have reached the end of my fun for to-night so I will say good night.

With Love