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Date: April 19th 1944

April 19/44

Sgt Gould. AN.
R.C.A.F. Overseas

Dear Mom.

I received your letter today. The one you mailed before I left Lachine. Sure was nice to get some news from home. Thats the first news since I left Canada.

I think I am coming down with the flu or Brochitis or something. You know the colds I used to have in Canada. Well this weather over here hasn't in improved it any. We live in little bomb shelters & theres not a fire on the station & the weather is damp & raining 23 hrs out of 24 & I have been cold this right through for 2 weeks. I am using 3 hand kerchiefs a a day. I have only 6 left. I don't know what happened to all the ones I had. You can't buy them, so I am washing 4 a day. My chest feels like it will cave in. I would go on sick parade but I am afraid we would get split up, as they would put me in the hospital & we only have 4 weeks here & lots to learn.

Well the weather will be warm in couple of weeks & my cold will go away shortly. I hope. All these guys do all day is figure out ways to get home & beef about this country. I figure it's best to make the best of it.

I'll get down to see Auntie Gladis as soon as I get leave which should be soon, Excuse all the mistakes, but I am trying to talk to Johnnie & write a letter to.

When we fly over here we really fly. 4 flips a day sometimes. Yesterday we rose at 6am & finished at 5 AM the next morning. We slept all the next day. I have only been to town once in two weeks up here. All we do is work & eat & take in the odd show. It's only for 4 weeks or so & I guess it won't do me any harm. next day

The weather today was clear right up till 4 PM & I thought we was going to have a clear day but there are a few specks of rain today afterall.

It's really interesting flying around here. I'll tell you about it after the ware. From what I've saw around here I'll tell you when the allies hit Germany she will bust them wide open.

Well I have to wash as Johnny, Wally & I are going to the Station thearter & see the Rains Came. They must have been talking about Eng. when they made that picture.

Hoping to hear from you soon I remain

Your Loving Son