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Date: May 12th 1944

May 12

Dear Mom.

I thought I had better get busy & scatch you out another letter. I have been rather busy the last few days. We have been posted to O.T.U. now. All our gang is here a Johnny & I are still in the same hut. I have never been on a station like this before & it is quite a thrill. Living conditions are better then our last station although it is primitive. We are really working now. I am learning all sorts of new stuff & taking it all in. Now it's not a case of whether we pass an exam or not. It's the life of my whole crew & myself depending on whether or not any member of his crew knows his job. I got a crew this morning. All Canadian boys & I think we will do a good job together. You pick your own crew & this young pilot approached me & asked me if I had a pilot. I said no so we teamed together & picked out the rest of our crew. My pilot is a nice guy. Hes about my age & comes from Toronto. We should do alright together. The weather quite warm now & the country around here is really lovely. This new stuff is hard to learn & very tiring to. But I'll stick to it & get in all in somehow. We should get 14 day leave when we finish here. I plan on spending 2 or 3 days in London to see Auntie Gladis & the rest in Scotland. We are thinking of working on a farm as they are short of men for the harvest. That would be a nice change & it would do us a lot of good.

How is Dad & the family. I have only received 2 of your letters. One you wrote to Lachine & the other registered letter. I have sent most of yours airmail. I hope you are getting them regular. I have written one to Ella. It is straight mail though & it will be rather slow.

You should get some of these airletter envelopes as they a fast & economical. I hope you send that stuff I listed as I need it bad. You can't buy very much over here.

Well thats all I can think of right now except that I am still homesick & always will be over here.

If Marg. phones say hello to her for me. Give my regards to brother Fred & his wife & let me know how he is making out. Tell him to stay over there if he possibly can.

See you soon.

Love Norm.