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Date: January 17th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Jan. 17th 1944
1 Y Depot
Lachine Quebec

Dear Folks.

Well here I am in Lachine once again I got in yesterday at noon and boy has it changed since the last time I was here. There are about ten times as many airmen around here now as there was then.

I guess I won't be hear long for when I got my blankets from stores I asked them how about giving me some sheets, they said I wouldn't be here long enough to need sheets so I guess we won't be here very long.

It was quite a train ride coming down the train was crowded and I was just lucky enough to get a birth. If I had of gone through Toronto I would have had to by a ticket which would have cost me quite a bit for the ticket they gave me was from Winnipeg to Montreal so I guess I would had to of bought one from Winnipeg to Toronto then from Toronto to Montreal. Maybe I should have done it but that's just another one of those things.

I stayed a day at Dons and went out to the camp for half a day I saw some of the old boys from Dafoe there I ate in the sergeants Mess and enjoyed myself very well. I then went onto Melfort and had a good time there but the trip back here was quite monotonous.

I have to send my skates and suit case home so I will be sending some of my other extra clothes also for I can only take one kit bag with me and I have to find all the room I can.

I have signed over some more money to home it will be $21 more instead of 15 all together I am saving $50.00 a month that is the best I can do for awhile.

I only got one of your letters that you sent but I didn't get the snaps I guess they are in the lost column by now or in the dead letters.

I saw Morrison down here I don't know if he is on the same draft as I am on or not.

Boy the grub here sure has changed since the last time I was here dinner to-day was unbearable.

Well there isn't much more to say than what I have just said so I guess that just about winds things up. I will write again soon and let you know how I am getting along. So I will say So Long for now

With Love