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Date: January 29th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

Jan 29th 1944

Dear Folks.

Well here I am a long way from home in fact I am [censored]

I wasn't in Lachine very long only about three days then we left for Halifax and boarded a boat as soon as we got off the train. The sea seemed quite rough at times to me I mean I never got sick but the first day or so I didn't feel up to par at all. We had a canteen aboard where you could by bars and chocolates by the cartons. I bought two cartons of rosebuds. The Englishmen bought about six cartons of every thing to take home to there folks I guess. I got my sailors legs coming across I can stand on a 45 angle and still stand up.

There are about twenty of the boys from Dafoe on here that I was to work with and most of the course that I graduated with. Moe didn't come he went up to Northern Quebec some where.

Well it is three years to the day since I joined up. I have seen a lot of country and done a lot traveling and now I have crossed the ocean so I am not doing to bad. I only hope the next three years are just as good.

I suppose by the time this letter reaches you Dad will be getting ready to start the spring sowing eh.

I sent Don a COD parcel of two shorts I thought that I could get the money when I sent the parcel but I found out different after I had started so I sent them anyway Don will think I am pretty cheap sending a COD parcel for $1.50.

Well there isn't much to say and there isn't much I can say so I guess I will close for now I will cable as soon as I hit land. Say hello to all.

With Oceans of Love

Sgt GJ Dennison R 85330
RCAF Overseas