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Date: July 13th 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

July 13th 1943
No. 3 M. Depot
Edmonton Alta.

Dear Folks.

I received your two parcels last Saturday and boy was that cake good and thanks a million also for the slippers they just fit perfectly. Yes now I am a man in age but not in mind I guess. For I just crossed the threshold of something new and different for better or maybe for worse.

I was up in front of the selection board and they figure that my ability to learn isn't up to standard so it is air gunner for me. The officer was quite nice about it though he said that my practical test were above standard but my theory wasn't so hot and that if I went to I.T.S. I would likely land up as a washout or as a bombardier I tried to argue with him but he said that he would give me overnight to think about it, that was last night. So this morning I signed on the dotted line. I have been in the ground crew long enough anyway 2 and half years and got nothing out of it so I think that this might be better than that.

All A.G. go to a refresher course for 4 weeks before going into training and they have these school at Vancouver Edmonton and Saskatoon just where I will be sent is beyond me but if I go to Vancouver it will be a great experience and I will get to see a little more country at least.

I was going to phone you last night and ask you and Dad about it but I became 21 last Monday so I thought it was about time that I was able to make up my own mind what do you think. The whole A.G. course is about 4 months. So it is a fairly short course. WE had an officer talk to us about A.G. s yesterday and he says that the course is getting really tough but there are great chances for promotions, ya I says that's what they all say. And another way of looking at it was that I have tried for air crew and then to have to go back to it would hurt quite a lot so I took what I could get.

How is every thing at home I suppose they will be getting ready for harvest pretty soon. I found where Lundquists live they stay with Tommy Boukis but Lundquists are away on leave and won't be back until the 15 so I might get a chance to see them at that.

I got a letter and card from Auntie the other day, the letter sounded kind of queer though I am beginning to believe you in what you say about her letter.