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Date: July 19th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

July 19th 1944

RCAF Overseas

Dear Folks,

[?] here I am again and [?] is just fine with me [?] every thing is fine back home. I got your letter the other day and was right glad to hear from you.
Well we are just about finished here a couple of more days and I will be on a lot of leave if they give us any. I hope they do for I am getting tired of this place. We were flying last night we took off just before mid night and I got to bed at seven this morning so it was quite a while in the air.

I got a couple of parcels on my birthday one from Aunt Greta and one from Aunt Thurza. Aunt Gretas was a cartoon of bars and Thurzas was a box of chocolates. They landed here on my Birthday so I got three parcels for my birthday yours came on the 10th.

Well I have just had a shower and washed my head my hair is getting a lot curlyer over here maybe you will notice it in the photo. They should be there in a couple of weeks.

So June got recommended to grade nine eh well good for her did she try any of the Big Sports day that they had in Assiniboia.

Hey what is Archie doing don't tell me he is talking of bying a house and getting his dads farm. Is he getting a wife too.

I have gotten five cartoons of cigarettes I don't know what the No. are but three were from you one from Lorne and one from Earl. I have about 250 left out of the last cartoon.

What is my financial standing like back there. Could you tell me the total including war bonds and what is in the bank. I have one $100 war bond out of the last drive so that accounts for the 50 dollar one going home. I should be a flight sergeant in a month or so that means about eight dollars more a month.

I am out of blue forms so if some letters start coming strait mail you will know why. They ration the things over here so if you could send me some it would help.

Well I guess I have giving all the news and I am out of words so I will close for now. How are the crops this year?

With Oceans of Love.