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Date: July 20th 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

July 20th 1943
Vancouver B.C.

Dear folks

Well here I am in B.C. and boy oh boy is it hot I'll bet I have sweat my quart to-day. Yes we arrive here at noon to-day and we are living out that is we board at peoples houses pretty slick eh.

We get a $1.25 extra to pay for the Board bill ours is 30 dollars a month but we have to buy our own lunch down town or at 36.00 and she gives us our lunch to take with us. We are quite a ways from school but that was to be expected.

Boy the mountains sure are wonderful we followed the Fraser river for about 150 miles sometimes we would look about 200 feet down to the river. It sure looks funny to see snow on the top of the mountains I sent you a card from Jasper did you get it.

The family here at the house are quite nice and she is a good cook is reminds me a lot like home. They also have two canaries here and they really do sing.

The night before we left Edmonton my chum Morrison and I were rolled for $24. I lost 10 and he lost 14. We left our pocket books in our tunicks and in the morning our purses were cleaned right out. It was luckily I have a little in the post office. There is no chance of catching the [?] anyway so I guess I will just have to put it down as profit and loss although there isn't much Profit in that is there.

We get a 6 week course here and we get Saturday and Sunday off so will you send me some of those Addresses.

Boy does the money go fast. It is going to cost me 6.00 a month to just go to school and back for street car fair.

I guess I was pend up in Dafoe to long to realize what a city is like. A chum from the east is staying here with me. He has been in Van. before so we can find our way around all right.

We start right in a school to-morrow at a quarter to nine we take Math Science Gram. and code and air craft recognition so I guess my hands will be full.

How is every thing at home I hope all is fine.

Well all I have to do now is put my toes in the Pacific Ocean and I will be satisfied The fruit season is in full swing out here now in fact we had rasberrys for supper and they were good, the first I had this year.

Well I guess I will draw this to a close for now for we didn't get births on the train last night and I didn't get much sleep so I think I will have a bath and go to bed. Boy the train was filthy with dirt and soot.

My new address is
3813 Pender St.
Vancouver B.C.