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Date: July 23rd 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

July 23rd 1941
St Thomas Ont.

Dear Folks

Well here I am again, I would be on my way by now if I had of stayed with the entry I came in here with for they went out of here to-night. The fellows from Moose Jaw that were in the 53rd entry went to Sydney Nova Scotia so it's just as good maybe I did fall a few entrys.

So I am going to Toronto this weekend it is my last 48. No I can't get my leave built up like that person I didn't get any sick leave I have just lost that forever. I can go home from here for about 17.00 dollars now so that's pretty good.

The cake was swell I got it on a Saturday night and that night I went on a 24 hr pass to Cowards so didn't get to eating it until Monday but it sure was nice and mellow yet.

I got a letter from Bob yesterday and he says that the new chev is sure giving them plenty of trouble.

I was telling Cecil about the hail and he was wondering if they got the hail to.

I saw Sid to-day for the first time he has been here 4 weeks. Percy Luk is here to I met him last night.

I wanted to get some pictures of Grandad when I was up there last but he said no that they were going to get a photograph picture and send me one.

Well my time is getting short here one month from to-day and I should be going out of here. My final comes 3 weeks from yesterday so it won't be long now, but a fellow can't seem to get down and study in here with so much rumpus and all.

I broke my watch about 2 weeks ago the spindal broke so I am getting it fixed which is going to cost me 3.00.

Well I guess this is all for now so I guess I will close.

With oceans of Love

Your son

PS Tell June I will write her after my 48.