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Date: July 3rd 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

July 3rd 1944

RCAF Overseas

Dear Folks.

Well here I am again and boy is it a wet day out here to-day it is just coming down in torens. I have just finished dinner and it wasn't up to much but I ate it anyway. We tried to fly this morning but the weather clamped down so we had to come down. It has been raining ever since so I guess we won't get up this afternoon either. We are flying with our new pilot now and he doesn't seem to be doing so bad. He hasn't soloed yet on these four engine aircraft but he should be able to do it the next time up. Well I guess I will start to answer your questions first of all on my last leave I went up to see Earl for a few days then I went out to a Farm North of Birmingham for the rest of my leave. I believe I told you all about my leave in my letters you should have them by now. No I haven't visited McKays yet I keep putting it of but I will the next time I go there. I haven't been back to Scotland since it takes up most of your leave traveling. I would like to go back there though, and I will if I get posted farther North. I got the turtle neck it was the last parcel that I got. I believe I have received 4 or 5 parcels all together from you it is more likely to be 4. These blue forms are very hard to get over here in fact they ration them out to you I only get 6 a month and that's not near enough I will have to start writing strait letters pretty soon. Could you send me about four dozen or so in the next parcel you send. No I have only met Earl Moe and Walley Eaglestone from around home since I came over here. Earl was down to see me on his last leave but I told you all about that in my last letter he is getting his commission in a month or so. I got a letter from Bob Cousins the other day and their letter made my mouth water for she just said that they had some fresh picked strawberries for supper. It was just over three years ago that I got sick down there eating black cherries.

We had a day off the other day so I hitch hiked to Cambridge and believe it or not I had a steak yes a beef steak it didn't cover much of the plate but it was good. I had chicken there once before. It isn't very often that you can find chicken and steaks on the menu.

Poor Leila is having quite a time the poor girl. Well I guess I will have to close for now so I can say Cherrio.

With Oceans of Love



I am sending you some photographs that you can give out as you wish to friends and relatives