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Date: July 30th 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

July 30th 1943
3813 Pender ST. E.
Vancouver B.C.

Dear Folks.

Well here it is the end of another week and another month. We got payed yesterday so I am well away for a while. Boy Vancouver is still just as beautiful as the last time I wrote you and I really mean beautiful. Why anybody would want to live on the prairies beyond me. The fruit is in season here now and I had a couple of apples right of off a tree the other night, some country eh. Rasperries are about $2.00 a crate out here and if they are $7.00 out there maybe it might be a good idea for me to send you out a crate or two, if you think it would let me know eh and I could send you some out but you better send out the money if you get what I mean.

Well school was quite a job this week we had our weekly test yesterday I won't know until Monday what I made.

These youngs that I am staying here with are quite the pair for the races they go down almost every day. My boarder chum was down last night but took an awful beating as far as his pay roll was concerned. I believe he is going back to-day, I don't think I will though. I have to get my watch fixed so I guess that's where my money will go this time.

Boy was I surprised to hear about Archie you could have nocked me over with a feather.

I have been trying to get Amy Peg on the phone this morning but haven't succeeded yet so I will try again later on. As far as Lindy is concerned I believe that 30 mi is too far out for me to go there. And for Jackie Lauther well he has broken up with his wife. Howard Robb started it all I guess for now the children are in a home and Howard and the wife are living together and Jackie is working out some place here in Vancouver.

Too bad I couldn't get some harvest leave again for this fall eh but I guess it can't be. It is possible to get army men out there at all.

Morrison is going to a refresher school out here but he is going to I.T.S. when he finishes there. I got all your letters for they where forwarded on to me from Edmonton.

I meet a boy here from Willows last Saturday night maybe I told you about it, he is Alfred Reiley he is stationed out here at No3 RD.

Thanks a lot for the pictures were they taken in Moose Jaw. Gerald is looking awfully well how is he anyway.

Well I guess I will close for now say Hello to all fro me will you

With Love

P.S. Sunday noon I met into a miss hap here so I believe I need some money about $10 I guess. Nothing serious just my own fault, and I have to get my watch repaired which is $5.00. This living in a city isn't so hot in the pocket book. But while I am in the city I might just as well enjoy it for later I might be in a place like Dafoe again. Take it out of my account eh. It is the first time it has happened in 2 and a half years though.

With Love