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Date: July 6th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

July 6th 1941
St Thomas Ont.

Dear Folks.

I received your letter this afternoon and sure was glad to get it. I got a letter from Aunt Greta to-day too she said that Grandad was failing fast for he is being bothered internally. Young Dorothy has been on her holidays and now she is out at Grandads. They are threshing out there now I was suppose to get up an see them this week end but our 24 hr. pass has been cancelled because there is going to be a R.C.A.F. field day up at ST Thomas and they are going to make us all parade up there on Sunday. The flight told us that we might get it a week from Sunday. I sure would like to get up there again before I leave here.

Our Entry had its picture taken last night but I am the only fellow that you know that is in it.

Donald and I had our picture taken last Sunday to-gether. That day we went down to St Thomas and walked our legs off looking for a room, we found one alright. I don't think Don will do so good the first month for he only gets half his wage and it isn't very much. If Franny is coming down on the 16th I will be able to see her, for I leave here on the 20th of this month.

I guess I am going to loss my two finger nails for they are starting to rot away

Well just 3 more days of school and then good bye to school at last. It has taken me 23 weeks to do an 18 week course.

Cecil and I are going up to London Friday to see Valre and Loney before we leave. I should go and see Auntie Irene but I don't feel so good about doing it, I would like to see her all right but its going there that gets me.

Gerald is getting spoiled is he thats a bad business eh. How much does he weigh now.

They were sure good pictures that you sent it must have been some job putting up 50 tons of hay.

I went out to run some fat off last night in a football game, and boy am I tired to night and how.

I am going to put in for Mossbank or Saskatoon for my posting and heres hoping I get one of them.

Dave Mays got out of the hospital to-day from being in there for 10 days with a cloted blood vessel or something like that, they asked him to be an instructor here at the school but he refused it.

Well I just can't seem to write a good letter, but there isn't much news here anyway so I guess I will close for now,

With oceans of love

Your son

PS Herb chiped a piece of his angle the other day but he is OK now.