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Date: July 8th 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

July 8th 1943
No 3 M. Depot
Edmonton Alta

Dear Folks.

I got your letter to-day so thought I would answer it to-night.

Well I am still at a loose end for I still haven't gone up in front of the Selection board but I hope to before next week end. The were 10 that went up this week Most of them made I.T.S.

I still keep my regular pay $2.25 and my rank until I graduate (if that ever comes).

I sure like Edmonton fairly well maybe it is because I was pend up in Dafoe too long. Boy you sure can't save money in here it just runs out of your pocket. We take classes here in Math and Morris code along with Aircraft Recognition, but when the weather is hot we go swimming in the afternoon. Its pretty soft here all right. I sure wish I was an N.C.O. remustering here for you are almost sure of making I.T.S. then. And you can't tell me there isn't pull and graft in this outfit.

Yes I meet Walter H one day last week but he was leaving the same day for Lethbridge as a Bomadier He couldn't land his aircraft as a pilot.

It was good to get out of Dafoe for a change although in a way I didn't want to leave.
No you can't see the mountains from here but Morrison and I are going to them before we leave I think if we can save up enough money. This Morrison isn't the one you asked me about.


Well here I am again and I have just finished writing 5 tests so I am all finished except the medical and the personal interviews and that comes Monday so I am held in suspense again and boy how I love waiting.

It is cold and windy here to-day I am going to try and go down town to-night in my blues, it will be great to be in them again.

Has Ronnie remustered come through then or has he just left his station for Owtawa.

Yes I still wear my heavy socks here for they help exort [?] the moisture.

I got your letter that was mailed from Assiniboia. Well I guess I will close for now hoping this finds you all well.

The canary will be some time coming for it isn't hatched yet.

With Oceans of Love