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Date: June 13th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

June 13th 1944

Tuesday noon

Dear Folks.

Hi all how are we all doing. I hope everyone is fine. As for me I am OK and not doing bad as for parcels for I have just received five parcels in the last two days not bad eh, I received one from you yesterday and one from you to-day the one yesterday was the one with the marine and Mum (not sure what these are) and the one to-day was the one with sweater in it and was sure happy when they told me there was five parcels for me. The sweater fits fine and is just what I wanted in fact I have it on already for to-day is very cold in fact it is raining quite hard right now. The canned goods are swell also in fact we had a big feed last night and yesterday afternoon. I got a parcel from Don and Franny also but I haven't received a letter from them since I wrote them almost two months ago but I am easy to please. Ill take a parcel for any letter in exchange (ha ha). One of the parcels was a cartoon of cigarettes from Lorne, I was just out of them too. My other parcel came from B.C., Joy Geddes sent it to me not bad of her at all. Eh.

Well I had a 48 just over last week and just after pay day I went down to London for a night then up to Birmingham I had a couple of cokes in London the first I have had for about four months. They sure did hit the spot. London is certainly a big place and the way they work their underground travel I think is magnificent.

I have quite a variety of canned good now after receiving those 4 food parcels I have a can of honey a can of fish two cans of cold meat a can of plums and a can of tomato juice plus a lot of gum and bars.

I am thinking of stopping some of my pay that is going home for with this leave coming up in unexpected place I have quite a job of stretching from one payday to the next. I might try it for another month and see how it goes. It cost a lot to go on leave around here.

Well I guess I will close for now hopping this finds you all well. Say hello to all and thanks a million for the parcels.

With Oceans of Love

Your Son Bill