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Date: June 17th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

June 17th 1944

Dear Folks.
Well here I am again or should I say at last. I got the letter that you wrote on June 3 to -day and it was the first for quite awhile and I guess the mail isn't getting through to you either. It must be the second front that has caused all the delay but it should be going through now.

Well we have been flying this past week and it is good to get back up there again for we have been on the ground for a month strait. The weather has been good here this passed week except for a little wind.

So my trees are still there are they how high are they I never took notice the last time that I was there. I suppose they should be starting to form a hedge by now. So Chuck Jenners is married eh who did he marry anybody I know I thought that he only had 6 months to live or so. Poor Leila it must be terrible for Lillian and Lorne to go through what they are. I got a letter from Don to-day and one from Earl and Winnie. One of Earl's was dated back to March 30 and it has just now caught up with me. I received two more parcels yesterday they were both cigarettes one was from Earl and Winnie and the other was from you. That means that I have received four cartoons of cig. Two from you and one from Lorne and one from Earl. I got a letter from Aunt Gretta to-day and the way they talk I am going to run the hotel after the war (ha ha).

Good for June she sure is in there pitching isn't she six first out of seven that's really doing something. Poor Earl and his stomach troubles he really has his share hasn't he. 1400 aces that's a lot of crop over here I imagine it would be equal to what about ten farmers would crop a year over here. I suppose with the rain that it is getting it should be coming along pretty good eh. So the CCF got in eh who did they run in the district at home was it Allan Brown and did he get in.

Well there isn't much news around here I have certainly enjoyed the parcels that you have been sending and the cig. We fly again to-morrrow if the weather stays good. Well I will ring off for now Sending my love to all.

With Love Your Son