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Date: June 17th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

June 17th 1944

Over the Pond

Dear Earl Winnie & David

Hi Folks how are we all doing just great I hope as for my self not to bad could be better and could be worse. I received two of your letters to-day and was sure glad to hear from you although one of your letters was written on March 30 and the other one was one Winnie wrote while on the bus .Oh and I got a cartoon of cigarettes from you and thanks a million for them. The number of the box wasA4 AA03169 N you asked me to give you the number so there it is.

I haven't done to bad for parcels this week in fact I have done exceptionally well for I have received four food parcels and three cartoons of cigarettes not bad eh. Boy I really appreciate the parcels over here for the food isn't up to much on the station and you can't even by a sandwich at nights.

I had a 48 over last weekend which I was really pleased to get I went down to London for a night then up to Birmingham for a night but boy the time really goes fast while on leave, I am beginning to find out that I didn't leave myself enough money after signing over so much. If I can hold on for another three months I will have my flight then and that means extra pay.

You men have sown quite a crop this year haven't you 1400 ac. That a lot of land over here about ten farms I imagine would sow that much between them then it would be mostly root crops.

Well I guess you know all about the second front by now boy that can't get this thing over to soon for me even if I haven't seen anything yet although in a couple of weeks or so I should be able to get my feet wet init I hope. Don't tell Mother this though. I guess poor Leila is having quite a time of it the poor girl.

Well we have been flying for the past five days and we fly again tomorrow it is good to get back up there again after a month of ground work.

Well the hut is pretty quiet to-night almost everyone is out to-night either into town or down to a pub. How are the pigs and stock coming how many head have you now on the farm there must be quite a few. I suppose that there're to many when it comes to look after them eh.

I got my first letter from Don to-day and I was ever so glad to hear from him. What's Archie Wilson doing these days I thought he would be called up before this.

Well I guess I will sign off for now so I guess I will say good night.

How is the little man doing