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Date: June 20th 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

June 20th 1943
Dafoe Sask.

Dear Folks.

I received your letter the night before last so I thought I had better answer it to-night.

Did Dad get my bond that I sent home I sent it the same night it arrived here that is over a week ago .I wanted Dad to put it some place for safe keeping for anyone can cash it. And as for the sipper bag you can send the socks back in it if you like but at the time I had nothing to send the socks and set in so I stuck them in it. No I don't need the socks for I have plenty here. You could keep the bag there for it is a little large to send socks back and forth in.

Dad said something to me about getting him some cigarettes papers in the book forms, well they only have two kinds here and they are Vogue and Chatelen. And I think it is only the Charelen that come in the automatic book forms if he likes that kind of papers I can send him some.

Boy I'll say I was surprised to hear Cecil was a father, I guess he is two steps ahead of me now eh.

I was up for a ride yesterday and again to-day boy they were both swell rides. The one yesterday was in an anson and I had my camera alone which is against the rules and regulations but I got a few pictures anyway they aren't developed yet. The ride to-day was in a battle that is a fairy battle and we were flying formation with another aircraft. Our wing tips were about 4 or 5 feet apart at times some times they would overlap. We were up for about an hour and a quarter up above the clouds boy it sure is great up there.
We sure are paying for these new barracks we have to wax the floor and polish it and everything just has to be spotless or else.

Gone with the wind was here this week and I got to see it it only cost us a quarter boy I thought it was a swell show. I saw both of the shows you mentioned and thought that they were pretty good also. they have pretty good shows here for an airport.

Well I haven't been in swimming yet but I hope to soon. We are getting 4 bowling alleys here along side of the swimming pool not bad eh. We also get much better meals here since the new C.O. came but we have to pay 50 cents a month mess fee and 25 cents for sports