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Date: June 22nd 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

June 22nd 1941
St Thomas Ont.

Dear folks.

Well here I am again I received your letter just the other day and was glad to get it. The pictures sure were good but I thought the engine was a bigger one than that. Rover sure is cute sitting up there on the engine and I think by the looks of Junes pictures that she sure has grown hasn't she.

I have just come back from Port Stanely and I got a little on the burnt side. I sure is great down there tho. The waves were fairly high to-day and made swimming hard.

I am going to try and get up to Grandads on my next 48 hr pass, which is next week end. I just have 2 48 hr passes left and auntie wants me to go down there on one of them.

I have some more maps for you they are of Niagara mostly. Those pictures I sent you were taken with my camera I was surprised myself for I took the pictures at about half past seven at night.

I sure hate this summer uniform too but it is a lot cooler than the blues.

Well I got through my exam not bad .I don't have to go back any entry any way. If you are very poor they send you back a few entrys and make you take it over again. We are studying propellers and instruments now and for the next week.

What do you think about this life insurance that the Met have offered me.

Cecil is still in isolation with a positive throat, I guess he will loose some entrys. Ronnie has gone to Hamilton for his 24 hr pass this weekend.

I suppose June is in the middle of her exams by now how is she making out, I wish her luck.

Well there isn't much news here now for I just wrote the other day

With Oceans of Love