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Date: June 23rd 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

June 23rd 1944

Over the Ocean Blue.

Dear Folks.

Hi Folks how are we all doing I hope everyone is feeling OK I have just come back off a 48 that we sure made use off and I got your letter when I got back. I have been writing regular but I guess that it has been the second front that has interfered with the mail. I do hope that it has straitened it self out by now.

Well we have lost our pilot so they are getting us a nother one. Harry our first pilot couldn't land four engine aircraft so we are getting another I sure had some scarry landings in the tail end of the plane which Harry was trying to land then. The instructors said that they would get us another pilot. We sure hate to have him leave us but that is the way it is. Last Wednesday morning we were waiting around to see what they were going to do about it and to my surprise who should walk in but Earl. You could have knocked me down with a feather. At noon on Wed. they gave us a 48 so the crew and Earl goes to Cambridge to spend the 48. We had quite a time we went to a fair while we were there You have heard of the university of Cambridge well we saw a lot of scholars walking around in their long black gowns that they wear sure looked funny. We came back to-day and Earl went on down to London for the rest of his leave.

When we got back here they had a new pilot for us he is a Scotchman and doesn't seem to be too bad a fellow. So now we can get on with our training (yes still training). I told you in one of my letters that I had Mural (Spelling) but I guess you hadn't received any of my mail yet.

And by the way Ronnie won't be on active service yet until he has gone through all of what I have so that will at least be another three months. I would like to sit down and write along letter to dad and tell him everything but I can't for I can't tell him much in a letter about my training anyway Earls mid upper gunner got hauled up on the mat for doing that in a letter just to England here so I don't think I should try it. But I am still training yet so don't worry about me please. Oh by the way I broke the record I got nine parcels in nine days not bad eh. I got another cartoon of cigs. From you and a nother 2 parcels the two parcels were the ones with the two jars of Noxzema and the one with one jar of Noxzema I sure was happy to receive them and thanks a million for them the weather too was right on the bit, I gat a parcel from Aunt Thurza too. Well I guess I will have to sign off for now for the end of the paper is near. Say hello and give love to all. I wish June luck in the June exams.

With Love

Your Son