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Date: June 3rd 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

June 3rd 1944
RCAF Overseas.

Dear Folks,

Well here is that airman again believe it or not. At the present I am in class but it is now smoke period so I thought that I would wrote a few lines of the letter that I was going to write to-night.

There hasn't been any mail coming through from Canada for quite awhile at least it seems quite while but I guess that it is because I have changed stations twice in the past two weeks and it hasn't caught up with me yet.

I have been on this station now for a week and it doesn't seem to be to bad a station as stations over here go. The grub is fair and that's the main thing over here.

When we came on the station we had a dental check and just my luck I have at least four teeth to fill boy I think I will have false teeth pretty soon for I have had a lot of fillings since I came over here.

How is every thing at home I suppose by now the men are doing the summer fallowing did they get all the crop that they were going to put in in.

[?] get my letter that I wrote him I haven't [?] from him since I wrote him is he still [?] Mossbank and where does he think he will [?] there when it closes down. [?] During this past week we have been [?] all the work that we have taken in our [?] and we had our exams yesterday but [?] made out I don't know we will find out next period.

I was sure glad to get your cigarettes for over here a thousand cigarettes cost about $24.00 so you can imagine how big a hole that makes in a mans pocket during a month.

We now have a full crew which is a total of seven we consist of five Canadians one Englishman and one Scotchman. We picked up the Scotchman up here he is the engineer for the aircraft. He seems to be a good sort of fellow but I have a job understanding his language.

Well there isn't much news that I can say in a letter so I guess I will have to close for now hoping to hear from you soon. Say hello to all and give my Best Wishes to Dad for Father's Day which comes this month I think. How is Leila doing now is she improving any?

With Oceans Of Love

PS I passed my exams OK