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Date: June 30th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

June 30th 1941
St. Thomas

Dear folks.

Well to night was pay night for the whole station. I got 24.00 to night. We weren't payed before our 48 hr pass so I had to draw out five for my 48 but I didn't spend it after all.

Boy I was surprised to hear that I had a brother I don't know of any name but Gerald Wayne isn't bad. To bad it wasn't a girl eh for there are 5 of us boys now.

Well I just came back from a grand week end, I went up to Grandads on Friday night then onto Southhampton on Saturday, there we meet Uncle Lorne and Auntie and had a picnic on the lake. I then went back to grandads that night then over to Uncle Lornes on Sunday with Uncle John and Aunt Dorothy. From there Uncle Lorne and Uncle John and I went out and had two rounds of golf. I did darn good at the golf even if I do say so my self. That night at about 8.30I got a ride right from Harriston to camp.

Grandad sure talks about this war a lot and gets some funny ideas about it. Grandma sure is looking well and sure gets around. I didn't get any pictures of them but they said that they were going to get a photo picture of the two of them this summer and send me one. I got some pictures of Uncle John and Auntie at Harriston.

Boy do I sweat I guess I am to fat for the heat. It sure has been hot down here lately too. The heat down here seems so wet that your clothes just cling to you.

Well I have one more 48h. pass before my time is up here and I am going to Aunt Thurzas on that. Grandad and Uncle said that they would come down some Sunday before I leave for a final visit.

Cecil is still in Isolation with a positive throat and I don't know when he will get out.

I have a big washing on the move tonight and I am running short of news so I guess I will close.

With oceans of love

Your son