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Date: June 30th 1943
Gordon Joshua Dennison

June 30th 1943
No. 3 Manning Depot
Edmonton Alta

Dear Folks .

Well here I am in Edmonton Manning Depot and boy is it some place. I feel as though I am joining up all over again seeing all the recruits around and some still even Civil clothes yet.

We just got here this morning, it was quite a ride from Saskatoon it took from 4:30 last night until 7,00 this morning. I bought a berth though and it wasn't to bad.

I was up to see Audry while I was in Saskatoon. She feels quite bad about Earl he graduated got his wings and hooks then was sent to Halifax with 10 days leave. He is going overseas.

I had a day to spend in Saskatoon Morrison another Airman and I went up to Audrys. This Morrison is an airman in the same position I am in and comes from south of Assiniboia about 50 miles.

I wrote a letter to Audry asking them to get me a Canary for you and Dad for Mother's and Father's Day but I have to waite a few days in fact 4 or 6 weeks for the bird for the aren't hatched yet. I wrote the letter a month ago but it got lost for I put the wrong address on it I put 518 instead of 517. So I thought being that I have to waite that long I thought I would ask you how would you like one? Let me know will you.

There is a mechanic here from Dafoe that came in 2 or 3 weeks ago he tried his test and all but they told him that he would have to go Air Gunner so he is going back to his old trade as a fitter. He wouldn't take air gunner. We start our test sometime this week I guess.

Edmonton I guess is quite a busy city right now there are about 40 000 americans in here and it is almost impossible to get a hotel room or a taxi. Ralph Picard is up here from Dafoe he comes from Crane Valley. He isn't remustering though he is out at the Airport.

Do you know anybody in Edmonton or have I any relatives here that I can look up.

I guess Morrison and I are going down town to see a show to-night and see what the town is like. I hope I am not disappointed.

How is every body at home have they got the summer fallow well in hand. I guess harvest leave will be out of the question if I pass all these test that they give here

Well I just came back from down town and boy is it a long way down town, we have to walk about a mile before we can get a street car.

Well I guess I will close for now so

With all My Love