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Date: June 7th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

June 7th 1944
RCAF Overseas.

Dear Folks,

Hi Mom how are we all doing just fine I hope. Well I guess the day we have all been looking for has arrived at last, long last.

I received two of your letters that you wrote, the ones on the 18 and 17 and was ever glad to hear from you. My mail was being held up at my last station so it took a while for me to get them.

I have only received two parcels so far and one from Aunt Greta that makes three. I received the telegram OK. But it gave me a funny feeling when I opened it. I also received one carton of cigarettes from you and one carton from Lorne. I sure was glad to get them for are I said before they cost quite a bit over here then they aren't very good after you get them.

I am very sorry to hear that Leila isn't so well it's a pity that she is having to suffer so much at her age.

I suppose all the crop is in by now and you are just waiting for the rains to come.

[?] over here at last eh well I guess he [?] something and that is D Day (ha ha).
[?] June keeps up the good work for [?] at the sports. To tell you the truth [?] kinds I could run 50 yds without collapsing [?] letters are being censored are they I was [?] it any of them were.

[?] had to leave this letter for awhile for I just [?] some mail from Canada so I just had to look at it before I went any farther one was from Abbot one from Aunt Greta. Abbot's letter was very nice and made me think of the old school days when he use to teach me.

It has been quite cold here to-day and damp and it is very mean weather I am glad to hear that my roses got there OK I was afraid they might not of like some of the fellows flowers that they sent.

You asked what I would like in parcel well our bombardier got a parcel today and it was mostly canned goods such as prem, beans, corn, honey, syrup and fruits.

Well I guess I have reached the end of the paper so I will have to close, hoping this finds you all well and in the best of health

With love

We are still training so don't worry about me in this D Day only I wish I could get into it.

PS Are my cheques coming home each month.