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Date: June 9th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

June 9th 1941
St Thomas

Dear Folks;

Sure was glad to get your letter and hear how things are going back home. I am getting alone not to bad here now I squeezed through on my last examination it was on magnetos.

I have my intermediate examination coming up next week from this Thursday so I guess I will have to get down and do some studying.

Cecil went to the Hospital last Friday morning with a sore throat, he is now in isolation I don't know weather he has Dip or not for I can't seem to find out.

Doug arrived here las Friday and boy was I surprised to see him I meet him at dinner time and I almost droped all the dishes I had in my hand.

No I haven't bought a motorcycle or car yet and I guess I won't but I could ship a motorcycle out west on the train if I bought one.

I am planning on going to Grimsby Beach on this coming weekend for I have a 24 hr pass coming up.

I got a letter from Aunt Dorothy last Saturday asking when I was coming up again. Grandma and Grandad have been up at Uncle Lornes for a week.

Earl is kind of getting a streak of bad luck eh well I guess it comes to us all at one time or another.

Ronnie got a letter to-day to and I guess Bub has popped the question for he is engaged to Ethel give him my congratulations will you.

Has June had any flat tires yet I just bought two new tires back in Moose Jaw Ronnie says Bobby has a bike too I suppose he has some time on it I can just imagine him now.

I forgot all about the trees how are they doing? Are many of them dead?

A chum from another bay is developing a film for me down in the dark room that they have here I don't know how its going to turn out I am afraid not very good.

I didn't send this letter for it was to cheap for the post age it would take. I bought my self a kaki Tooke shirt the other night to go with my summer uniform.

Boy am I getting a beer belly on me but I guess it isn't beer but just plane fat I have to start doing exercises to work it off. The lat time I weighed with my summer uniform on I weighed 180 then but I think the scales must have been wrong or something.

Well I guess this is all the news Hope this finds you all well

With love

Your Son