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Date: March 11th 1941
Gordon Joshua Dennison

March 11th 1941
St Thomas Ont.

Dear Folks:

Well the letters sure have been coming in to me these last two days. I got your air mail letter yesterday and your other letter to-day along with the pen. I am writing with the pen now. I sure like it I have received all of your letter for I guess they do forward them on from Brandon.

It sure snowed here to-day and then it melted and it sure is wet outside, it never has been very cold here yet.

Thanks for the addresses but where is Uncle Lorne at Hamilton or Stratford it is Harriston isn't it. But these addresses won't do me any good for quite awhile for I am C.B. Scarlet Fever started to go through the camp and we were all given the dick test to see who would carry the disease. That was on Saturday and on Sunday we were up to see if the stuff took, well it sure took to me and Cecil. We are C. B. until we prove that we won't carry it. We are given inoculations once a week to build up our body against the disease then we will get another dick test.

My darn arm will be like a sieve pretty soon if they soon don't stop poking holes in me.

Cecil he took sick last night and went on sick parade this morning and then went to the hospital and I haven't seen him since. I don't know what he has. His inoculation was making his arm sore and weather that caused him to go sick or not I don't know. One other fellow out of our room has gone to the hospital with Scarlet Fever. My arm got sore and red but it did not bother me much.

Maybe Dad and Lorne and Earl would like to be in my shoes but I would trade with them any time for right now I am filing and filing and more filing. We file for two weeks then we get a test which is on Thursday and Friday then we go to motors.

Maybe I shouldn't have joined up if Dad is going to be short of men. Tell them that if anybody tells them that the Air Force is great they are just trying to get somebody to enjoy the misery along with them. But that is wright down deep they all won't to get out when they are in and get in when they are out. But it is as good a racket as any. It is better after you finish your schooling you can get more leaves and more privileges and less waiting. Here we have to Waite inline from half to three quarters of an hr. before we get to the dinning hall.

I suppose this letter will make you think that I am kind of blue but I am just mad because I am CB for maybe 5 weeks.
I got some more film to take on Sunday and Cecil and I are going to get a photo after a while. I am sending you a snap of Cecil and I that we got off a negative that came out of one of them films Cecil took the first picture.

I haven't been up to St. Thomas yet or won't be for a while I guess Cecil hadn't seen it either.

I met George Crebo yesterday the same fellow I met back at Petersons he only has another three weeks to put in.

Yes I found my pajamas before I left Brandon in the lost and found stores. I do wear my money belt next to my hide at night.

We are just about 6 miles from Lake Eire and from what I hear it sure is a great place.
I sent a view book of T.C.S. out home to-day and there will be some magazines coming soon there is a plan of the place in March Magazine and with the plan in one magazine and a picture of the place in the view book you should be able to see what's what about this place.

Well I guess this is all for now I am sorry I didn't write in them two weeks but I was moving (poor excuse eh).

Good by for Now

Your son