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Date: March 13th 1944
Gordon Joshua Dennison

March 13th 1944

[?] am back in camp [?] pass in Bioning? [?] Back in camp last [?] had to walk back [?] that for I missed the last bus being that the train came in late. It was just an eight mile walk a nice little stretch before breakfast (ahem) am I kidding. My feet felt like lead when I got into camp.

I didn't get to looking up the addresses that I said I was going to do for I was with the other gunner out of our crew and he didn't want to go with me so I said I would Waite and do them some other time for I think I will be going to Birmingham again for I liked it fairly well. Well how are things going at home I hope all is well. I got an air letter from Earl & Winnie to day and was glad to here that all was well . Winnie said he sold his car. Its funny weather around here you never have a really warm sun here so then it is always cool. Allan Crosan was in Burmingham while I was there but I couldn't get to see him. I only met a chum of his that new him and where he was posted so I will be able to write him I hope you have started some cigarettes on there way for they are quite a price over here and then they aren't a good smoke when you do get them. They say it takes about two months for a parcel to get over here.

Well there sure isn't much news around here but I am feeling fine and I believe putting on Waite. I weigh about 12 stones 10 as they call it over here but it is about 177 with my overcoat on. Personally I don't want any more weight but I have such an appetite. Could you send me a jar or two of noxema for my jar is just about gone and I like it better tan any other kind.

Winnie said Ronnie Corman was on his way pretty soon so maybe I might run into him over here.

Well I guess I have run down again so I guess I will have to close for now. Today is Earls Birthday I believe so give him my best regards eh.

Good Bye for now

Love to all.